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How Will New Board Pattern Affect Applications Abroad?
Like many changes happening across industries due to the pandemic, the CBSE board also announced a new system to evaluate the performance of the students. It has been decided by...
26.07.21 12:20 PM - Comment(s)
How Much Money Do you Need for US Student VISA / F-1 VISA?
Students applying for student Visa (F1) need to show sufficient funds to the US Embassy to prove that they have enough finance to cover their tuition and living costs during their stay in the US...
16.06.21 03:00 PM - Comment(s)
Does Applying for Scholarship Reduce the Chances of Acceptance?
There is no doubt about the fact that colleges in the US are expensive, thus, it is essential to have an open and clear discussion with your parents, to get a fair idea about how much funds they can allocate to your education....
01.06.21 05:59 PM - Comment(s)
STEM Courses in USA!
Let us first analyse the meaning of STEM, the acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and refers to all subjects that fall under these four disciplines. Courses such as Aerospace Engineering, Biology, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering...
21.05.21 04:18 PM - Comment(s)
All About Advanced Placement Tests (APs)
Advanced Placement (AP) is a rigorous academic program that offers students to pursue college-level study material while they are still in high school. Taking AP courses and exams helps students make their profile stand out..
18.05.21 11:39 AM - Comment(s)