Our Proven Process Produces Results you Deserve.

If you believe you’ve done everything required, but still aren’t sure if you’ll get admission into your Dream college, it’s because you’re doing what everyone else is doing
Here is the reason why most students don’t get the college they Deserve.

Here’s Why Your College Admission Strategy is NOT working.

Even when you’re checking all the boxes, you’re still falling short. Why? What is the Missing Link? ‘YOU’. You are the missing link. Everything that you’re showing the college Admissions Officers is about your Externalities. What you’ve done & what you can do. You’re showing them how amazing you’re on Paper - But you’re not showing them what makes you – YOU.

We have built a 4-step System to help you successfully create your Applications.

The reason your original college admission strategy didn't work was because you skipped the most important step, 'YOU'. The first thing we do for our students is make them go through a Self Discovery process. Once you have self awareness, you Develop your applications. And then your Deliver the best version of your Applications. 

Step 1 - Discover

The first part of college admission starts with building awareness and a strong foundation. This doesn't mean writing just the essays. It’s far more in depth than that. Most students never take the time to do in-depth introspection before they start their college applications. No matter where you are in your college admission journey right now, you can always benefit from stopping to do a thorough Self Discovery and Self Awareness to launch or re-launch your College Admission Success Journey.

Step 2 - Develop

Essays are great. You certainly need them. But these days essays are not enough. College admission is more sophisticated now. What you need to do is to build a 'Story-Based application' that recreates the reading experience of the admissions officer that always works the best - when you have your own voice. This is always what works best. Also, instead of shortlisting universities using traditional markers like Ranking, what you need to do is to find the universities that specifically match your “Passion, Personality, & Ambition”. We bring out the Best in You by developing an application that really works. 

Step 3 - Deliver

Once you developed your application, you need to submit it to the universities. Making sure that you submit an error free application is the priority. Once applying is complete, nothing is more rewarding than getting the admission offer from your dream university. You need to finalize and complete the requirements to confirm your seat in the university. Attending a Pre departure orientation makes sure that you are 100% prepared to start your new journey towards 'LifeLong Success'. 

Step 4 - Happiness!!

Completing and submitting your applications are great. But here's the problem. You have a lot of stress and anxiety throughout the process. Believing in our Proven 3-D process is the way to eliminate stress, throughout the application process, and bringing Happiness to you. Remember, Happiness Matters! 

When we build the Success Story of our student, we Invest 100+ hours in the proven Discover.Develop.Deliver process.

We Have A Track Record of Success

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Thank You Mnemonic for helping me getting admission to my dream university. Excellent University Application services and a great team of experts. Their process surely brings out the best in a student. Thank You!

Sanat Sharma

UT Austin