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To get World Class College Applications you need to invest time and money.
You really have 3 choices when it comes to investing in your admissions.
1)  If you have less money and less time - Even when you’re short on both the most important commodities of the New World – Time & Money, you’re still in luck as we guarantee you admission in the Top 5% American Colleges.

This is a Free & Time effective service without any compromise on the quality. You will require only a few hours to complete your applications.
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2)  If you have some money and some time - If you have limited time & money then Invest your valuable time in the result-driven practices to maximize your chance of success. 

You should consider investing in a specialist coach.

When you hire a coach, you need to find someone with a proven track record of success.

This is why we have developed our 3-Day Discover.Develop.Deliver Workshop and/or 10-hour Essay Breakthrough packages. These both services are Designed and Customized to Delete your Doubts and Achieve your Ambitions.

3)  If you have money and have time - If you have both Time & Money, you need to Invest in a world-class team with a track record of success. 

A team that has a history of generating the results you are expecting.

This is why we developed the Platinum Services and Ivy MasterMind – where a Hand-picked Team of Proven Experts will guide you all the way to Phenomenal Success.
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Platinum Package

A Program that will Bring Out The Champion in You!

If you are ready to start making the changes necessary to achieving College Admission Success, then the Platinum Program is the place to begin.


Most of us have a lot of knowledge but do not know how to utilize that knowledge to execute College Admission Plan. The first critical element in winning the admission game is knowing exactly how to do what successful students do to get admitted.

With Platinum Program, you will learn a step- by-step process for winning the admission game. Once you know how to play to WIN, you will never have to worry about your career.

Here’s just a part of what you will learn:

· The ‘YOU’ creation and discovery
· How to double your chances of getting admission
· The 5 key strategies of successful students
· The underlying cause of almost all admission failures
The World’s Simplest 3-D Application System  

Ivy MasterMind

A Program that will Teach you 'THE ONE Thing' that Differentiates an IVY Student from the Rest.

College Admission Secrets

Have Less Time and Want to Build your College Application in a Flash?

The College Admission Secrets is a 3-Day workshop, designed for everyone no matter what stage of College Application you’re at, it will be of immense benefit to you – to make your Success Story. 

By giving you the Tools, we will set you on the Proven Path to Infinite Success. You’ll be Amazed how much you’ll achieve in the 3-Day workshop with our Specialist Coach, who will guide you to create a Winning Profile that will make a Deep Impact on both Emotional & Intellectual levels to get you admission into your Dream University. Thousands have benefitted from the Repeated Magic of the 3-Day workshop. Come Join Us & Watch yourself Transform into a Winner.

At College Admission Secrets, you will learn:

· How to effectively utilize Mnemonic’s Proven 3-D model
· How to discover your application strengths
· How to select universities aligned with your passion, personality and ambition
· How to write winning essays
· How to create application roadmap with timeline

By the end of this program, you will create your unique profile. You will know your right fir universities. You will find a voice that expresses your story. You will know exactly how to apply to colleges with massive success.

Essays Breakthrough

If you’re looking for Perfection in your essays to ensure Top college admissions, the 10-hour Essay Breakthrough package is Definitely for you.  

The Personalized Essays hold a massive weightage in the Admissions Process. And it’s absolutely normal for you to be cautious & unsure if the Essays you’re writing or have written are what it truly takes to be at the best colleges. 

Primarily, if those essays will make the right Impact & get you admitted in your Dream College. 

And you want someone, a specialized Top College Essay Coach who can review your essays, refine your essays, bounce ideas with you, & work with you to make them Perfect.

Our 10-hour Essay Breakthrough package provides one-on-one guidance where our College Essay Creative Writing Expert will brainstorm original ideas, tested methodologies, & proven strategies with you and lead you to create Winning Essays.

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