Our Story

Shirish Gupta - Founder & Director

Using the principles he teaches, Shirish Gupta achieved massive success in his early 20s.

At age 23, he was earning $200,000 per year while working with one of the top Fortune 500 companies, UBS Financials, commonly known as ‘Swiss Bank’. Shirish is the founder and Visionary of Mnemonic Education & Overseas Admissions, the new age College Admission company in India. 

Shirish is extremely passionate and an expert in helping people realize their infinite potential to achieve massive Success. Shirish’s motto is “To mentor his students to be part of top 1% worldwide”. He has a unique ability to get people to take ‘actions’ and execute their plans to produce real Success. 

Shirish has developed several highly acclaimed courses such as Success Mindset, Ivy Mastermind, College Admission Secrets and Career Mastery. He has been extensively featured and covered by National and International News Media – imparting his well-researched and state-of-the-art expertise in areas of Success, Human Potential, Career and College Admissions. 

Shirish started applying Success principles on himself at the age of 16, when he was struggling with his Life, Health and Career. He started seeking answers to questions such as life’s purpose, long-term goals, what is human potential and how to realize it. He studied numerous books, and with him, it was not just reading, rather taking ‘ACTIONS’. He discovered his life’s purpose at 17, and it was: “I Want to change my life from Anonymity to Acclaim by adding Value to people’s lives and solving their problems”.

He transformed himself from an average student to a massive success in 7 years, which he teaches his students to achieve in just under 2 years. He did this by changing his Mindset and taking Actions, two areas that he is extremely passionate about.

While applying for his foreign education, Shirish faced a lot of difficulties. He was not guided properly, and soon he realized that this is a very common story all across. He recognized that nobody is working on the true potential of a student and it was more of a business rather than guidance. But he wanted to change this system; he wanted to tell people that it is not at all difficult to achieve massive success and great College Admission.

After learning for two years and raising his level to help students and parents, he decided to leave his completely awesome and settled life in the US, to pursue his Passion and that is to provide an environment of growth, a mindset of success, career clarity, proven strategies for college admissions in order to Create a Successful Future for YOU.

Over 25,000 students have attended Shirish’s workshops, and he has coached many students not only to get admitted to top universities but also to lead a massively successful life.

His work changes student’s lives!