How Will New Board Pattern Affect Applications Abroad?

26.07.21 12:20 PM By Mnemonic Education

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Like many changes happening across industries due to the pandemic, the CBSE board also announced a new system to evaluate the performance of the students. It has been decided by the board authorities that there will be two terms conducted at the end of each semester. The marks obtained would be aggregated at the end of the 2nd and final term which is to be conducted in March-April 2022. The system may sound simple, better and even easy for many students, nonetheless, there is a section of students who would have to embrace themselves for a busier year than the usual board year. And there are a couple of reasons for that.

All students aiming to apply for Undergraduate courses in the US, UK and Canada will first have to accept that it’s not going to be an easy year for them, and that they would have to adhere to timelines dearly, else their application may not make it in time. Thus, adapting to this new system and process is their only choice.

For students applying to the US, the process of early application and early decision (which takes place in early November) as well as regular applications(for which the deadlines vary from university to university, but for most it’s 1st January) was very simple and uncomplicated as, students had time to prepare supplementary essays for the universities they are applying to. But with the 1st term now taking place in November-December, students will not only have to prepare for their board exams, but will have to simultaneously devote time to their applications and essays. In short, applicants would not get any breather before their board exams, considering both—the application and preparation of Board Exams—are equally important. Needless to say, students will have to learn the art of time management to excel in both.

Moreover, colleges will expect exact scores rather than the predicted ones along with your mid-term results (that used to be used until last year) to be submitted, assuming the scores would come out by the start of registration time in January-February. For the UK and Canada also, the process is not going to be very different as their application deadline is 15th January. Thus, it goes without saying that students would have to ensure all their application essays are ready by then.

Considering the changes, it’s essential for all applicants to start preparing their essays early on to save themselves from any last-minute hassles. But more importantly, all students need to pull up their socks right from the beginning of XII grade and be very cautious about it. There is absolutely no space for any mishaps or slip-ups, especially for students eyeing foreign admissions.

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