• Simplify Your Success!

The one thing we are deeply passionate about is "Simplifying your Success".
There are 100s of Education Consultants out there, aiming to do exactly that. We believe, We can do it better.  And We Always Do!

Admission Process is much more than just about Academics. It’s even way more than about Amazing Extracurriculars & Essays. 

It’s about YOU!

It’s About Creating Your Story & then making Your Story ‘Heard’.

College is this amazing journey that we all look forward to. And we all want to go to our dream college. So we work super hard in high school – get all A’s, participate in debates, sports, dramatics, community service, school fests, even do online courses & take up internships during the summer break. 

Well, Time Flies. High School is almost over. All the boxes are checked. Everything looks great & then you take a moment to glance back & you see there are thousands of others in that queue to get into your dream college. 

Now, take a moment & think about this - If everyone has spectacular grades, outstanding extracurriculars and meaningful internships to boast off then,

What sets you apart?

Why your chosen university will choose you when your profile, though fairly dynamic, looks almost identical to the thousands of other diligent students. 

Well, just take a wild guess – How much time would you say the Admissions Officers spend on your file?

Four hours? Well, it took you four years to build it. So, four hours sound reasonable?


How about one hour?

Nope, Again!

It's 15 minutes! Just that!

In those 15 minutes, they make the most crucial decision of your life. A decision that can define you. And by extension, define the Future of the World.

You may have the Best Story in the World – but does it Matter if no one reads it?

And that’s where an Expert comes in & gets your Story ‘Heard’.

An expert – together with you – Builds Your Story & then constructs a solid Delivery mechanism to ensure that your Story gets Noticed not Missed.

Even if you’re creatively inclined, write well and have immaculate presentation skills, taking up the customized services of proven experts will guarantee that your Story is NEVER Overlooked. It will guarantee your portfolio Visibility.

Because your Story Matters!

And what if you don’t have Powerful Portfolio. Your grades are not amazing and out of classroom participation is limited.

The Happy news is — You always have your Uniqueness. You’ve just not had the time or the right guidance to explore that uniqueness.

Perfect Presentation of your Portfolio can get you admission into Top Colleges even with a decent profile.

That’s where Mnemonic comes in to become that powerful bridge between you & your dream college.

With us you get a, what we call ‘Three-D Advantage’ – Discover.Develop.Deliver

We Discover your uniqueness. Then we meticulously Develop that uniqueness to Deliver a remarkable individual who not only gets admission into the Top Universities but also has solid plans to make a lasting Impact.

You will get customized training, counseling and guidance by hand-picked experts who are passionate about transforming your Life. 

Our experts not only have years of experience in delivering success stories, they also have personal experience of the process of applying for education abroad and then experiencing what it takes to be a game-changer.

Throughout the finely-tailored process, we will be invested in your future. 

Because we believe in you – And your Success is our Responsibility.

You’re not rigid & inflexible like a Brick. You’re dynamic and versatile like Clay

We believe you have the potential to Become the ‘Future of the World’.

And we Guarantee YOU WILL.


Hi, I’m Romi, I’m the Admission Counselor at Mnemonic Education. We are a progressive Foreign Education Counselors based out of India’s Capital - New Delhi. 

Our Aim is to Make Your Dreams Become Reality!

Every .Single Time

I would like to invite you to take a Free one of a kind - most valuable - Portfolio Assessment Session - where we discuss an in-depth analysis of your portfolio to set you apart & begin your journey to get you admitted into your Dream College

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Why Mnemonic?
​We are different from our competition because we just don't college admission, we mentor you plan the entire Career Success journey with our highly qualified and trained counselors.  It's not just College Admissions, It's your step-by-step Career Roadmap.

Guaranteed Admission

All our students for the last decade have, without exception, been

enrolled into the top 100 universities globally. As long as we have a

'say' in university short-listing, you're guaranteed to be admitted

into a prominent university that will ensure a remarkable future for

you & your loved ones.


The moment you walk in through our doors, we take care of all your

questions, concerns, doubts & dilemmas. Once we get involved in

shaping your career, we take care of all the struggles of the process

to leave you stress-free and destined for a life of grandeur and

enlightenment. Our in-house Application Software – Applix is a

One-Stop Platform to make the admissions process 100% Hasslefree.

Save-Time & Money

In today's era, Time is limited & Money an increasingly valuable resource. We save your precious Time by providing specialized and customized guidance, which results in expediting & fine-tuning the admission process. Furthermore, we open the doors to all the scholarships on offer which reduces the burden of foreign education expenditure by a considerable margin.


It's absolutely reasonable not to be sure about your capabilities

when you walk in through our doors. That's where our concept of

Mindful Application brings Clarity to your life, which is constantly

distracted by information overload. We've constructed to our

original 3-D model – Discover.Develop.Deliver to ensure you Find

what you're looking for, paint your Impactful Story in accordance

and then ensure your Story is 'Heard'.