Secrets of College Admission

Masterclass with Shirish Gupta

Shirish, the founder of Mnemonic Education & Overseas Admissions, has put virtually everything and every secret he knows about US college admissions into Secrets of College Admission Masterclass. This comes from over 10 years of experience and guiding over 17,000 students for their careers. Best of all, this is taught in a way that is simple, usable and most importantly, creates success for students.

Here’s Why Your College Admission Strategy is NOT working

Why working harder just won't seem to make a difference in your application?

All you need is to know the secrets which all the successful applicants apply! Once you know the secrets that successful applicants use to create their applications, you can practically get admission in any university you want. And in a moment, we'll tell you the secrets that thousands of students from around the world have used to learn these strategies. It's the same secrets Shirish Gupta has shared with his successful students to get them offer letters from top universities and soon you'll be able to use them too!

But first, there's something you need to understand...

It Doesn't Matter How Good Your SAT Scores are Or your Profile is – You Won't Get Admission If No One Knows Your 'Secret'!

In our education system, academic grades hold an important part.

And yet, for students who apply to the world's top universities, academics do not help to get them admission".
After all, no university wants just another student who is 'just' a school topper!
The truth is, academics or standardized test scores (like SAT etc) don't have to be a dreaded chore. When you find the right secrets, suddenly, preparing your application and essays become easy.
And what needs to be shown in the application? Well, this webinar will explain you all of that!

When you enroll in Secrets of College Admission, you'll learn 

- Top 4 secrets of what successful applicants do differently
- Strategize your application to attract the admission officers
- How to write magnetic copy for your essays, your recommendation letters, your resume etc
- Create an irresistible storyline and your 'unique selling proposition' or hook to give your application clarity on why you're the one to be a part of their university
- And much, MUCH more..

This foolproof system can be applied to any application, and used over and over again.
These are time-tested principles Shirish has used to create success in thousands of his students, and has seen them use time and again.