Like Zuckerberg, ‘You’ too can score a Perfect 1600 on SAT

Zuckerberg scored a perfect 1600 on his SATs and got into Harvard. He is a genius, but you absolutely don’t need to be a genius to score 1600. 

Tip: You need to follow a ‘Proven Process’.

You can also score 1600 on the SATs if you follow the 5-week [Intensive] or the 15-week [Extensive] program that will prepare you exhaustively to take a shot at the Holy Grail: 1600.

Next SAT exam is on May 4th; I will discuss & decipher the ‘Intensive 5-week Program’ in this article to set you on the path to guaranteed success.

As the new school session starts at the beginning of April, it will take monk-like discipline to follow the strategy to ace the SAT exam on May 4th. But, it’s definitely possible.

The first part of the strategy is – Rock Solid Belief. Do you believe in yourself? - Do you truly want to score 1600?

How do you know if you truly want the perfect score: It’s actually simple – if you’re fine with temporarily [5 weeks] ‘Deleting/Deactivating/Placing-on-Hold’ your Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Travelling Out-station, Partying with Buddies, & Full-time Sports then you’re Committed. Tip: ‘Go to Bed’ at a fixed time every day – studying by compromising on sleep will be detrimental in the long run.

P.S. Don’t quit sports or leisure activities completely. That’s not advisable. The purpose is to remove the activities that distract you from the larger scheme of things & goals. Continue playing the sports you like, exercise and watch something on Netflix – taking short leisure breaks is crucial.

Now, find the genuine reason for scoring 1600. What do I mean by a genuine reason

Target: You have to have a Target. For instance, you’re targeting Stanford or UPenn or Yale. Now, once you’ve set your eyes on the prized goal – take a big, oversized print-out & paste it on the wall beside your bed. 

Next step is Scheduling and following that schedule without fail – every day. 

Then begin practicing from the ‘Official SAT Practice Tests’ by College Board. Tip: Avoid buying expensive material that isn’t aligned with the real SAT exam questions pattern.

Now, instead of doing 100s of test papers, concentrate on Quality – Every time you solve a set of questions, go back & review all the answers – including the correct ones [as a lot of times you may just have guessed the right answer]

Once you’ve identified your errors, begin working [ruthlessly] towards eliminating them – one at a time. After a few test papers, you will begin to identify patterns of the questions types that you continually get wrong. It’s time to perfect those weak points by analyzing the reasons for those errors and fixing those cavities. 

Tip: Avoid Careless Mistakes 

140 hours of Solid Preparation: You’ve five weeks – that is 35 days. You must prepare for SATs in two slots of 2-hour each every day [you can take a day’s break every week]. 

Tip: Get a ‘Certified Tutor

Mindset: Have a Mindset of ‘Learning & Growth’ instead of scoring a perfect 1600 while preparing. If you do not enjoy the process, you will be continually frustrated as it will not be till the final week that you will get [or get closer] to the 1600 mark.

Good luck & Get Started Now!

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